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Service Association with companies

The company has the distinction of being one of the best sales and service providers for Apple and WeP Peripherals in the western region. Service for all companies that have their direct toll free numbers, are co-ordinated through us during their warranty period and by us directly, post warranty period. The terms & conditions for pre and post warranty is as per agreed termed company policies which differ from firm to firm.

Authorised Services for:-

Apple 1991 – Present

WeP 1997 – Present

Umax 1997 – 2001

Canon 1997-1999

Epson 1999-2001

Systems for Services Handling

The system of service calls are as simple as possible to attain the highest level of service satisfaction. The system that is followed is stated as under:

a.Call login and given to its department

b.Confirmed by department for chargeable or non chargeable calls and appropriate action to be taken report formed.( inclusive of co-ordination, telephonic and physical services).

c.Attended and reported for action taken.

d.Call report verified and attested.

e. Reporting to administration department.

f. Admin follow up for claims.

g. Complaint closed form filled and filed.