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The stories of the young wizards of the Silicon Valley were vague and almost unbelievable, two young men developing a computer in a garage? A computer which was not intimidating bemoth, but a small friendly machine. The idea was that instead of people trying to understand computers, computers should understand people. The stories and confidence in the Apple credo “The Power To Be Your Best” were sufficient inspiration for K.P.Commercial, Ahmedabad to give complete solutions since the year 1991. Now we could truly say …………”Power at your fingertips”.

Initially, the market seemed closed and hostile to the introduction of computers. The steady persistence, demonstrations, seminars, road shows gradually had people turning back for a second look. Outright rejection was replaced with curiosity. Inquiries followed and then, the much needed orders.

wacom intuos

wep dot Matrix printer

chirag laptop

Xerox D95/D110/D125